Report from the local staff at St Vincent's Hoapital, Aliade

November 2012
WElcome to the Team
WElcome to the Team



We would like to express our appreciation for the understanding, patients, generosity and good work you came and did for our people from 28th October – 3rd November, 2012. In fact your team came with their unique way which was nice. Dr. Andreas Osterwalder came with great sense of humor and creative magic power at the send-forth party.

Your team (Andreas, Giampiero Campanelli & Cristina, Shambhu Yadav, Paolo Sorelli) arrived at our hospital on a Sunday 28th October, 2012. As soon as the reception was over and the departure of the Okpoga team was complete, you rested for a few minutes and thereafter proceeded to the theatre for orientation.

A tough case
A tough case

We were meeting for the first time in life and our friendship started. It was as if both teams were working together for a long time.

The items brought for the hospital were handed over to the team leader Mr. Peter Azaagee and were fully introduced on how to use them without problems, following your demonstration were there was need.

Your generosity came out fully as the new and modern diathermy machine with all its components was coupled and tested in the presence of all members of the newly formed team.

The cordial working relationship gave you the highest scores among the previous teams that had ever visited us and that was the most reason why you were able to handle a123 patients in one week successfully.

A little one
A little one

In addition, your team is the very first that has recognized the hospital team following the gifts to our members. This serves as encouragement to us.

Finally, the people of this hospital will never forget your team for the good work, cordial working relationship and generosity we experienced from you within a short period of one week which we worked together. The community will ever remember the visit of 28th October – 3rd November, 2012, mostly the 123 patients you operated.

Thank you.

Sign: Mr Azaagee Peter and Theatre Team

Cc: Prif. Campanelli G.

    :Shambhu Yadav

    :Paolo Sorelli

   :Christiana Spata

   : Catholic Diocese of Makurdi